Today’s personal properties contain similar technology infrastructures as the corporation. While the corporation is protected from data intrusion and disclosure of confidential information, these standards need to apply to the executive. Home networks are now supporting Voice, Data, Security, Life Safety, Building Automation, and Audio/Video Systems. The diversity of technology requires a multitude of various contracting firms for support, including your corporate IT staff.

American Info Systems (AIS) is the leading executive home technology support firm in the United States, providing secure and confidential services with a one contractor solution. Non-Disclosure agreements and background verified personnel are part of our standards to ensure the integrity of your environment. AIS assign’s a Service Delivery Manager who is then dedicated to you on an as-needed basis. These individuals become an integral part of your home support staff and typically report to the Home Manager(s).  

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AIS kicks off mentor program for students with high
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AIS analyzes the effectiveness of Point of Sale Systems in today’s Medi-Spas